Our CSR Approach is to collaborate with all our stakeholders to address key challenges and maximise the positive impact we have on the environment, society and ensure business success.

The four pillars of our CSR approach are:


The environment an sustainable development are a priority for us at MYCO with our quality systems certified to ISO 14001. MYCO works with experts and its stakeholders to support, collaborate and innovate to take environmental action, build eco-systems and eliminate greenhouse gases as fast as possible.


The workforce is an essential part of how we operate and at MYCO. We continue to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for all our employees to excel, from office staff to site operatives. MYCO ensures that we engage with suppliers and communities in which we work, with consistent standards and offer opportunities for personal development and progression.


We are committed to supporting the communities we work with through economic development and philanthropy. We are proud advocates of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and register each project regardless of size and reinforce our health, safety, training and community engagement programs.

Market Place

MYCO are committed to work with industry leaders and those from other sectors to explore and innovate sustainable buildings and construction delivery. We are dedicated to the principles of circular economy and supporting the use of renewable resources. Similarly, we challenge material selection choice and offer alternatives that will not only last longer, but reduce environmental impact and enhance social value.

CSR highlights

200 Trees Planted
Planted 200 trees locally in the UK and abroad in Brazil. By focusing on reforestation efforts in these regions, we aim to contribute to the restoration of ecosystems, combat deforestation, and promote biodiversity.

Circular Economy
Championed 2 waste reduction/circular initiatives and are actively minimising waste, maximising resource efficiency, and fostering sustainable practices.

Partnered with community projects which actively contributed to the protection and conservation of local ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and natural resources. In 2022/23, we supported 3 local initiatives to improve biodiversity.

Health Checks
Undertook occupational health checks for more than 50 colleagues across three construction projects in 2022/23. Through this commitment, we proactively assess and address the wellbeing of construction site colleagues, promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

Committed to empowering colleagues and local people by providing resources, guidance, and opportunities and enabling them to thrive and contribute to the local economy. In 2022, we directly supported 2 apprentices.

Collaborated with stakeholders to facilitate work placements for local community members. In 2022/23, we provided 3 individuals from local communities with a work placement.

Local Labour
Prioritised local labour to support economic growth, and foster a sense of pride and ownership within local communities. In 2022/23, we supported at least 20% of local residents into employment.

In-kind Support
Assisted local projects by offering labour and materials, making a positive impact in communities we work in. In 2022/23, we supported 4 local projects providing well needed resources and alleviating pressures.

Charitable Fundraising
Committed to supporting charitable causes that are close to our hearts. In 2022, we participated in 2 events raising over £33,000 for charity.

Charitable Donations
Pledged to donate funds to charitable causes, wherever possible. To date, we have contributed over £20,000 for various causes.

Considerate Constructors Scheme
Committed to implementing ethical and sustainable practices across the business. We are delighted to have achieved CCS on all of our construction projects.

"The founders were genuine and clearly passionate about their business. With an impressive track record, they identified a niche in the construction industry and have delivered with a true focus on community initiatives"
The Growing Business Awards Judges

CSR Committee

Kevin Culhane

Michael Murphy

Nazmul Toropdar
CSR Manager