Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This policy sets out MYCO’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), including our objectives, commitments, and overarching approach to integrate CSR within our operations. We are committed to conducting business in a manner that achieves sustainable growth while fulfilling societal obligations.

Our preference is always to inform business decisions with CSR principles in mind, and do trade/work with responsible business partners who recognise their responsibility to protect the environment and people around us. 

This policy is based on the following principles:

  • To incorporate CSR into our business strategy to promote environmental stewardship, social welfare, and economic viability.
  • to remain committed to do business with a high degree of integrity and ethics.
  • To comply with all relevant legal requirements.
  • To recognise our responsibilities toward our employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • To be open-minded in dialogue with those who are affected by our operations and communicate with affected parties in a timely and effective manner
  • To review and continually endeavour to enhance our CSR impact.

Scope of Policy

The scope of this policy covers the company’s direct operations, but as a business that takes sustainability seriously we are keen to expand our impact and aim to work with our key business partners, notably developers/clients and suppliers to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment, and drive transformational change across our supply chain. 

We expect all employees, sub-contractors, agency workers, consultants, and suppliers engaged in our supply chains and their respective workforces to adhere to our policy and commitments.


  • The Board of Directors: Approves and implements the CSR policy and ensures the company undertakes its commitments including allocating appropriate funds for CSR.
  • CSR Committee: Responsible for formulating, recommending, and reviewing the CSR policy for delivery to the board as well as upholding monitoring mechanisms. 
  • Employees and Supply Chain: Adhere and uphold the CSR policy and contribute to its objectives.

CSR Programme

Our CSR priorities are structured around four core pillars which include:  


Construction and its related activities have a significant environmental impact on climate, biodiversity and nature. We pledge to protecting the environment throughout all our business operations including in the way we operate on sites and be sympathetic to the local surroundings and environment.

To manage and minimise our environmental impact, we will commit to: 

  • Educate and drive awareness.
  • Reduce carbon emissions on our activities.
  • Resource management, eliminate waste to landfill and promote a circular economy.
  • Reduce air and noise pollution.
  • Reduce adverse impacts on nature and species and protect biodiversity.


Construction workers face increased health and safety risks that lead to high rates of injury, illness and even fatality. The sector is also at risk of being short-staffed and recruitment of highly skilled staff continues to drop. Despite numerous efforts to tackle modern slavery, it is still on the rise in the construction industry.

We recognise that our workforce is at the heart of our business, and that’s why we will always commit to foster a fair, safe, supportive and inclusive workplace for all our employees, from office staff to site colleagues, to excel and be the best at their job. 

To ensure we have a thriving and sustainable workplace, we commit to: 

  • Uphold the highest standard of Health & Safety – including wellbeing of our employees, at all times.
  • Apprenticeship programmes and employee development.
  • Provide appropriate training for our employees.
  • Place and review measures to combat modern slavery/trafficking in our operations and in our supply chain.
  • Implement fair recruitment and promotion practices and strive for a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.


Poverty and inequalities remain to exist in communities we work in, on many fronts. As we work in the heart of communities, we have a responsibility to act in a way that is considerate and provides opportunities to local residents. We recognise the opportunity to enhance surroundings and also contribute to the local economy through employment and other opportunities. We pledge to support the communities we work with through economic development and philanthropy to help tackle some of the challenges that exist and assist local economies recover and thrive.

We commit to: 

  • Engage communities we work with to offer opportunities.
  • Procure locally where possible to support local business.
  • Contribute and engage in partnerships to foster other economic growth.
  • Look to support community initiatives and local charities that better the environment and society.
  • Encourage our workforce to be actively involved in the community, sharing their expertise, supporting local charities and community groups, and volunteering in local initiatives.

Market Place

MYCO is dedicated to fostering a competitive, fair, and innovative marketplace. We seek to drive positive change and implement best practice. We will work with stakeholders and industry leaders across sectors to explore and develop innovative ideas for sustainable buildings and construction delivery. We commit to the principles of circular economy and supporting the use of renewable resources. We will do so by challenging material selection choice and offer alternatives that last longer, reduce environmental impact and enhance social value.

We will commit to: 

  • Work in partnership to foster innovation for buildings and/or developments we work on and in the sector.
  • Engage with stakeholder groups and collaborate to understand community development needs and support where synergies lie. 
  • Prioritise projects that bring lasting community benefits and leverage commercial aims.
  • Participate in industry events, forums, amongst others, for best practices.


CSR Monitoring and Reporting Framework 

To achieve this policy, MYCO has set up a CSR Committee who meet regularly to set and help deliver our CSR objectives.

To ensure the allocated budget is spent on CSR Activities and that desired impact is being achieved on the ground, a comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting framework shall be put in place. The CSR Committee shall monitor the implementation of the CSR Policy through periodic reviews of the CSR activities.

The respective CSR personnel and champions will present their budgets along with a list of CSR activities to the CSR Committee together with the progress made from time to time as a part of the evaluation process under the monitoring mechanism. 

We will publish a CSR/Impact report detailing our progress on a periodic basis.

Disclosure of the Policy 

This policy, CSR projects and relevant teams (and CSR committee) will be disclosed on our corporate website.

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis or when and where operations significantly change to ensure they are aligned with our core vision and mission.

This policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of MYCO and is made available upon request to the public and interested parties.

Michael Murphy
6th October 2023