MYCO’s Carbon Offsetting through the ‘Tree Buddying’ project


The climate change engulfing the planet represents a major threat to our way of life. It has been described as the ‘defining crisis of our time’ by the United Nations. Runaway greenhouse gas emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels is causing global warming on an unprecedented scale, with a real danger that global temperatures could rise by 3oC by 2100, resulting in considerable damage to the earth’s natural ecosystems.

MYCO takes as its inspiration the global fight against climate change, spearheaded by the UN and its supporting agencies. Recent climate change agreements demonstrate that the nations of the world fully comprehend the urgent need for action and the scale of the task at hand. It also shows us what governments are capable of if they act in a united fashion on a common agenda.

MYCO is unreservedly committing to act on its values as a corporate citizen, will be reducing its carbon footprint as part of its mandate to current and future generations to make the world a better place to live in. To this end, MYCO will be establishing systems to track and manage its emissions, and offset its footprint through donations and contributions towards environmental initiatives. One initiative that MYCO is excited to be involved in is the ‘Tree Buddying’ project. – administered by Carbon Footprint Ltd. In the UK, we are delighted to have planted 100 trees, offsetting 100t CO2 worth of emissions. Through verified carbon standard (VSC) reduction projects, for each tree we have planted here in the UK – at sites near to schools to help educate children and support wildlife habitats, another tree is planted in Brazil. Not only does this help offset our emissions and inculcate environmental awareness in young people, but it contributes to tackling deforestation in the developing world.

MYCO is determined that its environmental programmes will not be one-off events but a deep and abiding involvement that expresses its standing as an eco-friendly company completely determined to offset its emissions. Its green projects will aim to improve biodiversity and a number of other initiatives that are currently in the pipeline. This includes collaborations with organisations planting trees and, moreover, engagement with local councils to do more on a borough wide basis to plant trees in parks and outdoor spaces.

MYCO’s interest in tree planting derives from the ability of trees to absorb and store CO2. Trees act as central pillars of the earth’s ecosystems. With the pressing global challenge of deforestation reducing the planet’s resilience to the build-up of greenhouse gases, MYCO wants to play its part in returning the earth to its natural equilibrium.